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We offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation dentistry to ensure you receive a relaxing treatment experience.

Sedation is administered before your procedure to help dull pain or sedate nerves and anxiety. At Sudbury Dental Excellence, our goal for sedation dentistry is to create a worry-free treatment experience to get your smile back on a healthy track.

Nitrous Oxide

For patients who experience only mild feelings of dental anxiety, nitrous oxide is an excellent sedation technique. Commonly referred as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide delivers through a mask that covers the nose, and it helps to elevate your mood, producing feelings of contentment and possibly even euphoria.

Once your procedure comes to an end, the effects wear off in a matter of minutes, which means that you can return to your job, run errands, and even drive with no worrying consequences – making nitrous oxide the perfect sedation dentistry option for your busy day!

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is excellent if you struggle with moderate to severe dental anxiety. The Sudbury Dental Excellence team will provide you with a prescription. Before your appointment, take the oral sedative and have a friend or family member accompany you to your appointment. While it will not cause unconsciousness, the oral sedation medicine will help you attain a deep state of relaxation, dulling the senses and even causing partial to full amnesia.

Once you recover, it is likely that you will remember little about your procedure–the ideal outcome for many patients with severe dental anxiety. Remember to bring a friend or family member, as you will need help getting back safely! By the next day, you should feel back to normal.

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