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Gum Disease Treatment in Sudbury, MA

Periodontal issues are caused by bacteria in dental plaque, leading to swollen and bleeding gums. Damage from periodontal disease also causes teeth to loosen, which is a sign of severe periodontitis.

At Sudbury Dental Excellence, we offer a wide range of services created to diagnose concerns that negatively impact your gums and return your healthy smile. We are ready to diagnose and treat the problems that occur with periodontal disease. These problems involve:

Gum recession – Periodontal disease or overaggressive brushing can lead to gums retreating to the limit where it becomes dangerous for the root. Sudbury Dental Excellence uses gum grafts to alleviate this situation.

Excessive gum tissue – On the other side of the above problem, soft tissue might overgrow to make teeth look shorter. Our proficient team can thoroughly and delicately extract tissue to accommodate tooth exposure and lengthen the appearance of your crowns.

If your gumline is particularly uneven, Sudbury Dental Excellence dentists can prescribe recontouring as a way to give your smile a much more symmetrical appearance. However, we will need to effectively treat any periodontal health issues first.

Today, more than three-quarters of Americans struggle with periodontal disease, and while its initial symptoms may appear harmless, serious problems can arise if left untreated. The Sudbury Dental Excellence team will keep an eye out for tell-tale signs of periodontal disease during your regular check-ups. If needed, we will prescribe a personalized treatment plan to restore your healthy smile, which may include more in-depth hygiene appointments, scaling and root planing, or surgical intervention.

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