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Invisalign can be a wonderful alternative to braces, and are proudly offered by Sudbury Dental Excellence in Sudbury, MA. They are an efficient short-term orthodontic treatment that can help people obtain the smile of their dreams. For some, the burden of having to wear bulky metal braces is too much, and that’s where Invisalign comes in! It’s clear aligner trays are a fantastic solution that are a wonderful alternative to traditional braces. They help cover and straighten teeth in a less intrusive manner, and we hope to show you three amazing reasons you should consider them.

Three Reasons to Consider Invisalign:

Elimination of Uncomfortable Metal: One of the primary complaints orthodontic patients receive from patients is discomfort. Invisalign has the ability to reduce this problem because the aligners are a smooth plastic material that does not irritate delicate tissue inside of your mouth. Not to mention that Invisalign aligners are made to conform perfectly to the contours of your teeth, so you may even forget you have them on!

Removable Trays: With traditional metal braces, the brackets are fastened to teeth for the entire duration of treatment. With Invisalign, you can quickly remove the clear aligners to help with eating and brushing. If a special occasion is coming up, no need to fret! Aligners can be removed for up to two hours at a time.

Improved Oral Hygiene: Traditional braces can make it difficult to navigate between metal brackets and wires, which can actually encourage bad brushing habits and plaque buildup. With Invisalign, since the trays are removable, you can brush and floss your teeth with ease. It’s not just a sensible option, it’s a healthier option for your mouth!

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Sudbury Dental Excellence is here to provide you with the best service and care we possibly can. If you’re interested in getting Invisalign, we’d love to hear from you, so give us a call at (978) 467-4999 today, or even schedule online here! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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