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Dental Bone Graft in Sudbury, MA 01776

The surrounding bone often deteriorates quickly after tooth loss. Luckily, despite tooth re-absorption, you need not lose hope—you can still get the replacement tooth you need with routine dental bone graft procedures.

Dental Bone Grafts in Sudbury, MA

A dental bone graft is usually a minor surgical procedure done in the dental office that is utilized to build up new bone around the jaw that holds the teeth. A small incision is made in the gum to expose the bone below it and grafting material is added. Usually, the grafting material is processed bone that serves as a platform, around which the body will install new bone cells. The grafting material will eventually be absorbed and replaced by the patient’s new bone.

The grafting material required can come from a variety of sources—sometimes it comes from the patient’s own body! Generally, it is bone from an animal or human donor that is processed by a laboratory to make the grafting process sterile and safe. Sometimes, grafting material can even be synthetic, coming in a variety of forms like powder, granules, putty or even a gel injected through a syringe.

Types of Gum and Dental Bone Grafts

There are many sources of dental bone graft material used for preserving or expanding bone for dental implants. These bone grafting materials are processed to ensure patient safety, eliminating the potential for rejection or disease.

• Autograft involves taking bone from one site in the patient’s body and moving it to another. The autograft procedure is the only type of bone graft that comprises of two surgical locations: the one from which the bone is collected and the one where it is installed.

• Allograft refers to lab-processed bone from a deceased donor.

• Xenograft is grafting material derived from an animal.

• Alloplast is a type of graft using synthetic materials.

What to Expect For Dental Bone Graft?

The process for a dental bone graft typically involves local anesthesia, through oral or IV sedatives can additionally be applied to obtain a higher state of relaxation. A small incision in the gum is made to access the underlying bone receiving the graft. It may take the body up to seven months for bone maturation to occur to receive the dental implant. This waiting time allows the healing process enough opportunity to deliver the desired result: ideal support for replacement teeth that look and feel great!

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