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This time of year, earmuffs and scarves aren’t the only cozy things that come out with the wintry weather. Fluffy baked goods, warm cocoa, cider, and other sugary bites are favorite winter treats. While enjoying them in moderation is certainly acceptable, the extra sugar can be a tad rough on your teeth.

This is why we recommend our patients come in for biannual teeth cleanings in winter so that you can enjoy your cozy cookies without the extra worry. If this alone isn’t enough to convince you to come in for a cleaning, here are four reasons you should:


Cavity Prevention

Plaque is a sticky white substance that formed from bacteria, and eating all these holiday sugary treats encourages its buildup. By visiting your dentist for a routine dental cleaning, your dentist can get those hard to reach areas that your toothbrush cannot. Teeth cleanings can also break away any excess buildup that you may not have even known you’ve had!


Halt Tooth Loss Before it Happens

If enough plaque builds up, you are at risk for periodontitis, or gum disease. When periodontitis is left unattended, the condition can go all the way down into the bone supporting your teeth, loosen them, and even cause tooth loss. Regular teeth cleanings help reduce your risk of periodontitis significantly by keeping your mouth fresh and plaque-free.


Confident Smile

Coffee, wine, tea, or tobacco products are all used widely during the holidays, and your teeth can become stained because of them. Luckily, a routine dental cleaning can help remove those surface stains and leave you with a brighter, whiter smile.


Fresh Breath

Visiting your dentist for regular dental cleanings, along with proper oral hygiene habits, inhibits the bacteria causing halitosis. Your mouth will thank you by staying healthy and free of smelly odors!

At Sudbury Dental Excellence, we believe that every man, woman, and snowperson deserves excellent oral health. To ensure that, we recommend patients come in for a dental exam and cleaning twice a year for preventative measures and a dazzling smile. By visiting your dentist for regular teeth cleanings, you can prevent problems from snowballing into more extensive and costly procedures. It’s never a bad idea to get a cleaning during this time of the year, and your teeth will thank you for it!

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