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Root Canal Treatment in Sudbury, MA.

Root canal treatment in Sudbury is available at Sudbury Dental Excellence, where our skilled team performs the procedure by removing the damaged area of the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting it, and then filling and sealing it.

A root canal is a small-sized channel inside the tooth, providing the tooth with nutrients. If it becomes inflamed due to injury or infection, you can experience pain and might even lose the tooth. At Sudbury Dental Excellence, we remedy the problem and restore the damaged tooth, while guaranteeing that you are as comfortable as possible during the complete procedure.

Modern dental advances and technology allow the procedure to be relatively painless. Consider this as a life-saving first aid for your tooth.

Infected Root Canals Can Cause Tooth Loss or Damage

The not-so-fun fact is allowing your canal to remain damaged or inflamed too long after injury or infection can cause damage beyond simple pain. You could lose your tooth if the infection is bad enough, and Sudbury Dental Excellence wants to help stop that before it ever happens.

Potential infections in the canal can lead to abscessed teeth, which are very dangerous and require treatment to repair. Whether the cause is gum disease, trauma or something else, teeth abscesses occur when bacteria invade the exposed canals due to these issues.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it could very well be because of an infection and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation on the next steps to take. A toothache may have a simple solution, but it may require this procedure. Call or schedule a dental exam online with us today- we can’t wait to help.

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